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Invitation to Tender for the Dismantling, Cleaning, Conservation and re-mounting of Eight Skeletal Natural History Specimens at Hull Maritime Museum

Hull City Council has launched a procurement process to appoint specialists to remove, conserve, pack and transport eight fragile and unusual skeletons and specimens from the Hull Maritime Museum’s collection.


Specialist conservators are invited to submit their interest and be part of a multi-million-pound heritage-led regeneration scheme – the Hull Maritime project.

Experts with the appropriate expertise and capability will have the task of undertaking a full condition assessment, pack, remove and transport to site and then complete a full cleaning and conservation process ahead of the installation, animation and redisplay of each skeleton.

A brief summary of the works is outlined below:


Dismantle and pack the objects listed in the tender specification.


The contractor will transport the objects to their facility for conservation.


Conserve and pack the skeletons ready for long term storage.

Transport & Long Term Storage [Arranged & procured by the client]

Once the contractor has completed conservation the client will arrange for the skeletons to be transferred to a long term storage facility. This element will be organised by the client. The long term storage does not form part of this tender.

Design & Animation

Attendance by the contractor at up to 10 design meetings to plan the structure and animation of the skeletons when on display at the Hull Maritime Museum

Transport of objects from long-term storage to Hull Maritime Museum [Arranged & procured by the client]

The skeletons will be returned to Hull Maritime Museum.


Mount making & display, working with the design team and interpretation fit-out contractor to display the skeletons in the new museum.


Bid submission

The deadline is 27/07/2020 12:00 noon and the procurement documents are available to view here.

Duration: Approx. 14 months between September 2020 and September 2023

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