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Applications open for the Elizabeth Hammond Conservation Award 2018

The Costume Society is very pleased to announce that the Elizabeth Hammond Conservation Award currently has £5,000 available for grants to support the conservation of costume or costume related textiles!

The Elizabeth Hammond Conservation Award was set up to assist with the costs of a wide range of textile conservation projects, including preliminary assessments of the conservation required for specific items or groups of material, as well as the labour and materials for conservation work. 

Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply for a grant you must be an accredited museum or working towards accreditation.

The applicant should be someone within the museum with direct management responsibility for the work proposed by the award application. The seconder/moderator should be a senior person within the institution with responsibility for the work area of the project. S/he will be able to provide a supporting statement with an overview of the significance of the project to the organization.

What kind of projects are eligible?

Preference will be given to projects aimed at conservation assessment, conservation or preparation for display of items where there is a long-term benefit to a collection or project.

Projects should ideally result in increased public access to the object, for example, through display, access to stored collections, publication or other forms of information such as digitized images, websites etc.

Conservation costs for loan items will be considered, where the object(s) in question belongs to another museum that also meets the criteria for this grant or the item(s) is on permanent loan to the applicant museum.

A brief condition report with photographs of the item/s should support the application.

How much is available and when to apply:

Applications may be made at any time but are preferred to be submitted by the end of June.

£5000 is available each year for awards, with £2,500 payable in January and £2,500 in June. Applications may be accepted from any single museum for amounts up to a total award of £5,000 but payments over £2,500 will be phased.

Conditions/criteria for a award:

Award will not be made to assist with living or travel expenses associated with the project, or to pay any VAT associated with the work.
A written report on the work assisted by the grant must be submitted to the Costume Society within a month of the project’s completion.
Acknowledgement of the financial assistance of the Costume Society Elizabeth Hammond Award must be included on the display labelling and all documentation including on-line and marketing materials. This may include use of the award’s brand.

How to apply:

Find and download the application form here.




CREAM DRESS WITH TRAIN, European bobbin lace, about 1805
Hand made net and all-over bobbin lace, worn by Queen Charlotte, wife of George III
Fashion Museum Bath


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