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Birmingham City Council Removes Museums Trust Budget Cut

Icon is delighted to hear that Birmingham City Council has dropped proposals to take a £750,000 cut from the Birmingham Museums Trust from its 2017/2018 budget

A £500,000 reduction in the trust’s funding was proposed in the council’s pre-Christmas budget consultation. This was in addition to a cut of £250,000 which had already been agreed with the trust. The trust warned that such funding reductions could result in the closure of one or more of its eight sites.

Campaigns against the cuts received widespread support from members of the public and organisations, including Icon.

Alison Richmond, Chief Executive of Icon, wrote a powerful letter to the Birmingham City Council, arguing against the cuts to Birmingham Museums Trust’s budget. Reacting to the news today, Alison said:

This is wonderful news not only for Birmingham but the general public who will continue to enjoy Birmingham’s amazing cultural offer

“Icon put a forceful argument forward to Birmingham City Council that the Birmingham Museums Trust's Conservation Department consistently punches above its weight, brings income into the Trust, enhances the reputation of the Trust and has a leadership position in the heritage sector, which in turn promotes confidence on the part of funders. We highlighted the outstanding public engagement of the Staffordshire Hoard Project and the real progress made on inclusion in the heritage workforce.”

Ellen McAdam, from Birmingham Museums Trust released the following statement:

“As announced by Birmingham City Council we are pleased to confirm that the proposed budget cuts to Birmingham Museums have been removed for the next financial year until March 2018. 

We would like to thank all of our supporters who have helped to show how valued our city’s museums are 

With over 9,000 signatures on our petition and many letters of support, we would like to thank all of our supporters who have helped to show how valued our city’s museums are and how vital funding support is to their continued success. We would also like to thank our staff for their hard work and dedication throughout the process.

The reduction announcement means there is no threat to closure of Birmingham Museums’ sites in the next financial year.

While we are pleased to share this news, funding beyond 2018 is uncertain so we will continue to work with Birmingham City Council to find a solution for our longevity. We remain committed to ensuring Birmingham’s fascinating history can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.”


Lead Image: Birmingham Museum - John W. Schulze (cc)


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