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Breaking cover: Icon Member begins search for hidden Giles mural

Work by legendary cartoonist could be revealed 40 years after being painted over – twice

Bob Entwistle ACR, Conservation Officer at Colchester and Ipswich Museums, has been called upon to investigate a sizeable mural created by cartoonist Ronald "Carl" Giles.

The famed cartoonist, often referred to simply as 'Giles', was commissioned to create the 15ft by 9ft mural for the Sporting Farmer pub in Ipswich.

The mural was completed in 1963 and depicted characters carrying out various farming and sporting activities.


Giles' mural, completed in 1963, was painted over twice in the 1970s (Image: Giles Archive, Fair Use)

Sadly, the mural was painted over in the 1970s, first with thick black paint and then white. It is not known exactly when it was painted over, or who did it.

The building, now a disused pub called the Drum and Monkey, faces demolition under the local council’s regeneration plans.


Bob Entwistle ACR begins research on the Giles mural​ (Image: Ipswich Star, Fair Use)

Bob Entwistle is working to see if he can find any evidence of the cartoon beneath several layers of paint. He warns: "We don't know where the cartoon is, so the thing is to go down through all the layers, count the layers, and see if there's a layer that we think the cartoon might be."

Bob's efforts have been covered in a number of publications and websites including the BBC and the Ipswich Star.

Keep up to date with Bob's progress here on the Icon website and on Twitter and Facebook.

Image: Public Domain


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