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Clandon Park Will Be Revived With A £30 Million Reconstruction

After the devastating fire to the National Trust property in 2015, plans have now been revealed for its restoration

The fire gutted the Palladian Mansion; damaging huge numbers of artefacts and objects. Several hundred artefacts were recovered from the debris and still await conservation. The announcement of its £30 million restoration is brilliant news on the path to returning the 1720s property to its former glory. 

marble_hall_at_clandon_national_trust_images_james_dobson_0.jpgImage: National Trust Images / James Dobson

Katy Lithgow ACR, Head Conservator at the National Trust, told us:

“Clandon’s history is marked by splendour, decline and rebirth. Although the loss has been great, a huge amount of work has been accomplished over the past 2 years, sifting the debris for survivals, stabilising these, the architecture and surviving decoration, and clearing the site. We can now see what has survived and as part of our conservation plan we are considering what can be conserved, what can be restored, and where new design can give the house a new future.

Clandon’s history is marked by splendour, decline and rebirth​

In addition to the treatment of the collection, interiors, and architecture, there is a particularly exciting opportunity to reunite the house visually with our gardens which surround it, and enhance what the property as a whole can offer to the public. Clandon’s reconstruction will depend heavily on conservation skills as  part of a truly multidisciplinary project. I hope this will be an opportunity for a skills revival in a similar way to Uppark, showing how conservators can help to combine the historic with the new in ways that meet the needs of the 21st century.”

The National Trust is inviting applications from design teams from around the world for the restoration and reimagining of Clandon Park.

Image: View over Clandon Park following the fire. National Trust Images/John Millar

Paul Cook, Project Director said: “The trauma of the fire and sense of loss we feel heightens our determination to transform the visitor experience at Clandon... It took a real coalition of talent to build Clandon. A careful, thoughtful restoration will be required again as we restore and reimagine this incredibly significant and magnificent building.”

For more information on the restoration of Clandon Park, please visit the National Trust website.

Lead Image: Clandon Park after the Fire : BristolIcarus / Creative Commons


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