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Consultation on Conservation Technician apprenticeship standard launched

We have previously written about the work being undertaken in developing new Apprenticeship 'Standards' for the conservation profession.

Icon has been involved with the Historic Environment trailblazer group being led by Historic England for some time. The Conservation Trailblazer working group was convened in early 2017 and has been focused on developing two standards, one for the role of Conservation Technician at Level 4 and the other for the role of Conservator at Master's level. 

At this stage we are delighted to confirm that the proposal to develop Conservation Technician standard has been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships. The initial draft has been prepared and the group are now seeking the feedback from the Icon membership to ensure that the content and the level of the apprenticeship is appropriate and fit for purpose for the conservation profession. 

Once feedback has been reviewed and integrated into the Apprenticeship Standard, this will be put forward for review and approval by the Institute for Apprenticeships in late November. The consultation is open until 12th November 2017 at midnight so please do take time to review and ensure that your views are heard. 

To view the draft standard please click here.
To take part in the consultation please click here

What is the standard?
An apprenticeship standard is a short document which sets out the key knowledge, skills and behaviours that you would expect of someone who is performing a particular job role - effectively a generic role description. It should be written in a way that it would be recognisable for a wide range of employers and should be able to be used in both the public and private sectors. Once the standard is approved, training providers will then be in a position to match it to suitable training and education programmes to support candidates in reaching the required level. 

What feedback is requested? 
Do you recognise the knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined as representing the role of a Conservation Technician?
Is the level appropriate for the job role?
Do you think that employers would be able to use the standard to support existing and new staff members?

Further information
Answers to many questions are available here, however for any other questions please contact our Training & Development Manager Patrick Whife on 



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