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Discounts on conservation Standards for Icon members

There’s quite a lot to report on the development of BSI’s conservation standards – including a special discount on the latest one for Icon members!

The new publication, BS EN 15898:2019 Conservation of cultural heritage. Main general terms and definitions, defines the main general terms used in the field of conservation of cultural heritage with particular attention to those terms which have wide use or significance. Icon members should look out for more details in the February Iconnect.  

Over the last couple of years several new standards have become available.  These include:
•    Conservation process. Decision making, planning and implementation. BS EN 16853:2017.  
•    Specifications for location, construction and modification of buildings or rooms intended for the storage or use of heritage collections.  BS EN 16893:2018
•    Guidelines for improving the energy performance of historic buildings BS EN 16883:2017

These, together with all the earlier conservation standards continue to be available from the BSI Shop, some of them discounted for Icon members.  

Even better, 14 of the more recent standards (including the above three) have been published together as a single book by a German publisher Beuth – in English.  Take a look!

Meanwhile, the Code of Practice for Cultural Collections Management PAS 197, used by museums and archives since 2009, is currently being reviewed as a full European standard (EN) and may therefore become a full BSI standard. A draft will be ready for public consultation this summer.


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