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Dynamic Objects Network Launched

Icon is delighted that the Dynamic Objects Network has officially launched, with an excellent event held on 28th February at The Clockworks

Nearly 40 people were in attendance, bringing the event slightly over capacity with a range of representatives from museums, private sector organisations, academia and indeed Icon.

There were opening comments from Jonathan Betts, a member of Icon’s Board of Trustees, who explained the Network was designed to engage conservators working on ‘anything that moves’ - an extensive field implicating a wide-range of materials and object types.  

Françoise Collanges also spoke, outlining the key points of the Dynamic Objects Network, including its goals, focuses and future projects. She reminded everyone that The Network is a collection of people who primarily live by their diverse heritage conservation responsibilities, interests and skills.  Françoise discussed the need to prepare a set of conservation guidelines for the assessment and care of Dynamic Objects as a future Network project. 

Matthew Read, senior tutor at West Dean College, presented examples of the diverse nature of dynamic artefacts that have needed attention.  These include dolls, whose media include brass and steel, papier mâché, ceramics and hair, and The Bowes Museum Swan which Matthew is a lead conservator.  He asked, ‘When does any dynamic object cross over from being something that can be restored to working order, or, to being respected as an archaeological object loaded with its own history which could be stripped away when made to work?’ 

If you are interested in getting involved with the Dynamic Objects Network, please fill out this form and send it to

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