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Football heritage exhibition opens for play

Souvenirs From Home celebrates the cultural heritage of football clubs that sport nicknames featuring local craft industries

Souvenirs From Home brings together work produced as part of Home Ground, a three-year touring project celebrating the cultural heritage of football clubs.

The workshop programme – a partnership between Devon Guild of Craftsmen and Icon – travelled to six towns across the UK whose football clubs have nicknames linked to their traditional craft industries: Crystal Palace Glaziers, Luton Town Hatters, Sheffield United Blades, Macclesfield Town Silkmen, Stoke City Potters and the Walsall Saddlers.

As Home Ground toured in each location, lead artists worked with supporters and communities around each club to create contemporary  souvenirs in the local craft trade based on the history of each football club.

The souvenirs are being displayed in the new exhibition at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen until Sunday 6th November 2016.

The exhibition will then tour the six participating communities on the following dates. 

Walsall project with the Saddlers led by Melanie Tomlinson
Walsall Football Club Community Room from 10th - 21st Nov 2016 


Sheffield project with the Blades led by Chris Knight
Sheffield United Football Club Museum from 1st - 11th Dec 2016 


Stoke project with the Potters led by Philip Hardaker
Middleport Pottery Visitor Centre from 13th Dec 2016 - 5th Jan 2017  


Macclesfield project with the Silkmen led by Zoe Hillyard
Macclesfield Museums – The Old Sunday School from 9th Jan - 2nd Feb 2017 


Crystal Palace project with the Glaziers led by Michelle Dawson
Crystal Palace Football Club from  7th - 21st Jan 2017 


Luton Town project with the Hatters led by Valerie Corona
The Hat Factory – Connor’s Café from 24th Jan - 3rd Feb 2017 


Find out more at

Images: Devon Guild of Craftsmen 


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