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Full deck: South Region Conservation Network meets in Portsmouth

Conservators gather at the Historic Dockyard to discuss challenges in conservation

Icon members and non members alike gathered at The South Region Conservation Network meeting this month to discuss the theme of ‘Challenges in Conservation’.

Hosted by the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the meeting drew some new faces amid a strong turnout, representing a wide range of specialisms within conservation.

The morning began with some short presentations from paintings conservator Ambrose Scott-Montcrieff ACR, who talked about backing methods to avoid stresses in preventive care of paintings, and John Hartley ACR of Tankerdale who provided an insight into the conservation of furniture in private practice.

Matthew Hancock, Icon Member and Conservator at the Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson, spoke about the language used in conservation and how conservators can be more aware of the risk of being perceived negatively by those outside the field – a talk which stimulated some lively discussion within the group!

Finally, Icon Member Diana McCormack, Conservator at NMRN, talked about some of the challenges in conserving historic ships in an open-air environment.

The group then enjoyed a tour of the HMS M.33 in dry dock, and rounded off the day with lunch in the boathouse.

The South Region Conservation Network would like to thank Icon members Ellie Schofield and David Pearson at the Mary Rose for organising the day, Diana McCormack and Hana Bristow who hosted the event at NMRN, everyone who attended and the speakers for an interesting and lively discussion.

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Image: The group on board HMS M.33 with HMS Victory in the background; David Pearsons


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