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Have your say at the Education Roundtable, 'Who values conservation education'

Icon's Education Roundtable, 'Who values conservation education' is taking place tomorrow (22nd January 2020) from 11am. 

The event has been developed in response to the concerns of many within the conservation profession as to the resilience, or lack of resilience, of conservation education and training in the UK. This event will seek to explore those concerns further, whilst also considering the range of training opportunities available, the skills of conservators and identifying how the sector can work together to support the ongoing development of the conservation profession.

We will be live tweeting the discussion from the room using #IconRT so event if you can't be in the room there is still the opportunity to have your say and take part as the virtual fourth table. Read on to find out how to take part. 


How will the event work?

  • There are three topics up for debate which were identified through the survey of Icon members in October 2019. These include the overall questions and a series of sub-questions to be considered as part of the debate. 
  • Each topic will be debated in order (see timings below)
  • Three speakers will be giving their take on the question to provoke debate. 
  • In the room, they will be discussing the topics for 30 minutes as small groups before coming back to the whole room for a broader discussion.
  • There will be a twitter feed on the screen so that the topics coming through online can be considered as part of the debate. 
  • Out of each debate we will look to identify three things: 1) Which discussion topics require further discussion and investigation, 2) who 'owns' the area, and 3) which stakeholders need to be included. 


How to take part

As we said, we will be tweeting throughout the day using #IconRT. To have your say and to take part: 

  • Take a look at the programme and the timings of the debate listed above. 
  • You can either reply to one of our tweets or start your own thread, however please ensure you use #IconRT
  • Try and keep your comments to the question being discussed at the time. 



Click here to download the full programme. 

11:00 - Welcome and Introductions
Sara Crofts, Chief Executive, Icon

11:10 - What is the real state of the education sector?
Dr Renata F. Peters, Associate Professor in Conservation, UCL

11:25 - Debate 1 | What skills do conservators need?
Introduction from Dr Cordelia Rogerson, Head of Collection Management, British Library  

12:45 - Break

13:15 - Debate 2 | Do we have the right models for training conservators?
Introduction from Amber Xavier-Rowe ACR, Head of Collections Conservation, English Heritage

14:35 - Debate 3 | How can we effectively advocate for conservation education?
Introduction from Simon Cane ACR, Executive Director, UCL Culture

15:55 - Closing remarks and next steps.
Sara Crofts, Chief Executive, Icon

16:00 - Event closes 


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