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Help raise awareness of conservation - be part of #AskAConservator day!

This year’s Ask a Conservator Day will take place on November 18th. Help raise awareness of conservation by letting your social media followers know they can ask you questions.

Ask a Conservator day is held in remembrance of the flooding of Florence on 4 November 1966. In response to the catastrophe, incredible efforts were made (and are still being made) to conserve the priceless cultural heritage damaged by the flood.

Ask a Conservator Day celebrates the growth of the conservation field inspired by the response to the flood by creating an opportunity for people to engage with conservators on social media.

Participating is easy! By using the hashtag #AskAConservator on social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), you can help give a representative view of what conservation entails - everything from individual conservators working in private practice to multiple departments at large institutions. You could:

  • make yourself available to answer questions about conservation on your personal social media;
  • work with your institution to use their social media handles to engage with their audiences; or
  • answer questions on a livestream from your studio

Reaching out to the public has never been more important. As we adapt to challenges brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, it is vital that we celebrate our work and demonstrate the need for conservation and its relevance to society. 

Find out more information on the AIC/FAIC website.

Icon members are the heart of the conservation sector, working to protect and care for cultural heritage in museums, in private collections and wherever else it might be found. Join us today! 


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