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Heritage Alliance Releases Manifesto

The Heritage Alliance have released their Heritage Manifesto ahead of the General Election on 8th June

With only a month until the snap election, there is increasing need for all the parties to strengthen their pledges for the protection of our heritage. The Heritage Alliance manifesto details clearly the value of heritage to our economy and for the public good.

It calls on all political parties to:

  • Maximise the advantages, and minimise the disadvantages, of Brexit for heritage
  • Maintain and improve the protection for heritage
  • Attract more investment and engagement in heritage, and build sector skills and capacity
  • Effect positive fiscal change for heritage
  • Continue to back Lottery funding for heritage.

The Heritage Alliance is ready to put our resources and expertise at the disposal of all political parties to secure the best future for England, built on its invaluable past

To read the manifesto in full, click here.

Lead Image: Elgin Castle; Public Domain


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