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Icon Joins Historic Environment Forum

The Historic Environment Forum (HEF) recently agreed for Icon to join its ranks.

The HEF is a top-level cross-sectoral committee, which brings together public and non-government heritage bodies to coordinate sector initiatives and to strengthen advocacy work and communications.

Icon’s Chief Executive Alison Richmond writes: “I am thrilled that the HEF has agreed for us to sit on the committee in the future. The Forum represents a significant opportunity to develop collaboration with the sector. I am incredibly excited for Icon to be joining this concerted voice.”

The HEF’s initiatives include Heritage Counts, the annual audit of the historic environment, and Heritage 2020, a longer-term project working to increase understanding and enjoyment of the historic environment of England.

Icon has actively been involved in Heritage 2020 through its participation in the Capacity Building working group, which aims to ensure access to skills, knowledge and infrastructure.

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