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#Icon19: All aboard the SS Nomadic!

It’s hard to believe, but after so many years in the making – we’re just over two months away from #Icon19!

Registrations are steadily growing, and already it’s clear that joining us for the festivities will be delegates from all over the world – which is no surprise given that nearly 20% of Icon members are based abroad. 

The international dimension of #Icon19 won a substantial boost this winter, when the Getty Foundation announced a grant of £57,000 to fund practicing conservators from countries with emerging economies to attend #Icon19.   As part of the programme, Getty-funded delegates will also visit the conservation studios of two world-renowned organisations in London.  In addition,  we look forward to welcoming delegates from all over the globe – from the United States, from Russia, from India, and of course from all over Europe. 

With so many delegates traveling such long distances to join us, it seemed like only the sensible thing to do would be to welcome them with a dedicated event that would showcase another Belfast conservation success story in the process!

We’ll be kicking off #Icon19 on Tuesday 11th June with our International Delegates Reception aboard SS Nomadic – the last surviving ship of the White Star Line.

nomadic2.jpgNomadic during years in service – c1911 (Creative Commons)

On 10th April 1912, Nomadic ferried 274 passengers to the Titanic in Cherbourg harbour, which was too large to berth in the port.  Aboard was the ‘Unsinkable’ Molly Brown; John Jacob Astor IV and mining tycoon Benjamin Guggenheim.  Not all survived the Titanic’s mid-ocean collision with an iceberg four days later.  In Nomadic’s fifty years of service following this, other passengers included Marie Curie, Charlie Chaplin, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. 

Flash forward nearly 100 years, and Nomadic was rescued from the scrapyard by Belfast City Council after many years as a floating restaurant moored beside the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Faithfully restored back to her original 1911 condition, the ship now hosts events as part of Titanic Belfast – and so on 11th June, we’ll be going aboard!

Join us for wine and canapes the evening before our conference tours kick off to welcome our international delegates and get into that #Icon19 spirit.  It’s a great opportunity to experience a conservation success story while networking with our colleagues from afar – so we hope you can join us!

nomadic.jpgNomadic as a floating restaurant in Paris – c2000 (Creative Commons)

Book – or to add this to your existing booking – here.  

And if you’re an international delegate coming from afar, keep an eye on your inbox for your special booking code!

If you haven’t yet registered for the conference, there’s no time to lose! Secure your place and get in on all the action.


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