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#Icon19 trends in Belfast

With over 350 attendees and more than 90 speakers congregating in Belfast, #Icon19 has made history as our best conference yet. And though it might be over, you can still look back on the highlights thanks to a whooping 2,687 tweets gathered by the #Icon19 hashtag!

Practically everyone who showed up to the conference had something to say: a total of 349 unique contributors joined in on the #Icon19 conversation, posting photos, jumping in on conversations or sharing experiences. Averaging at 7.5 tweets per user, everyone at the conference managed to reach well over 750,000 people, generating more than 5,300,000 impressions worldwide and - more impressively - making #Icon19 trend across Belfast for a solid 2 hours!

And it’s not just an impressive figure - the quality of the posts was undeniably high, with each contribution weaving new threads into a communal tapestry - praised even by those who couldn’t attend the conference.

We’ve gathered some of the highlights into collections, starting with the #Icon19 tours - one of the defining experiences for most conference goers, as they were taken to some key spots of the conservation scene in Belfast.

Of course, the #Icon19 sessions were the main event, so it’s unsurprising that there would have been over 900 tweets dedicated to each talk and speaker in the conference.

Needless to say, much of the attention was also focused on the fun and networking aspects of the conference - from early breakfasts, to evening pints, wild dancing aboard out steam train and friendly meetups - #Icon19 gave everyone a proper chance to chill and get their summer on.

Many conversations are still going a week on and we are incredibly pleased and grateful to have had the opportunity to host and foster such a fantastic sense of community. If you haven’t already, you can catch up with the full 2,687 tweets here.

Lastly, we would like to extend an honorable mention to Aly Singh, who topped the #Icon19 charts by tweeting no less than 358 times - 346 of those original tweets and 32 of those with photographs of the event. Her ubiquitous tweets were liked a total of 425 times and retweeted 70 times and amount to just over 13% of the total #Icon19 output.

We have no words other than a massive thank you for lending us your thumbs!


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