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Icon’s first-ever Twitter Conference a resounding success

After over 1000 tweets posted and a staggering count of over 2 million impressions we can readily conclude that #IconTC 2017 was a definite hit with the audience!

Over the course of the day, each of the 55 speakers delivered a 15 minute conference through a series of individual posts and, from the riveting to the outlandish, every speech was as interesting as the last.

In her talk, Natalie Jones gave us a step-by-step on how to restore taxidermy pieces with needle-felting:

There’s no saying #IconTC wasn’t international, when one of the participants even delivered their speech both in English AND in French:

We even got to see a moth playing the bongos, courtesy of Cardiff Conservation and a duc dance from Staffordshire Hoard:

The conference openly invited anyone in attendance to participate, discuss and debate and needless to say, the audience did not disappoint.

Melina Plottu’s talk on the rotation of the 18-19th century Pleasure Gardens fashion exhibition was accompanied by a visual tour of the installations, complete with labeling of each piece and the audience loved it:

The anticipation for the conference’s start was truly one of the most exciting parts of the day:

Although it’s a wonder that anyone would get anything done while the event was on!

There’s no denying that the event was a full success and we’re incredibly proud of each and every one of the participants. Not had enough? Have a look back at the full story of #IconTC 2017 on our Storify compilation, Part 1 and Part 2.


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