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Icon's latest consultation success!

Following consultation, the government has issued updated policy directions to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) in its role as a distributing body of National Lottery funds.

Icon responded to the consultation in July and is delighted to see our suggestions reflected in the updated directions.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) sets the policy and financial framework within which the distributing bodies for National Lottery grants operate. The Secretary of State issues policy and financial directions to the English and UK-wide lottery distributing bodies.

The policy directions set the framework within which the distributing bodies operate. These include considerations relating to:

  • who can receive funding
  • what the funding can used for
  • the conditions the distribution body must meet

While Icon supported many of the policy directions, its response highlighted omissions in the guidance for HLF to encourage high standards of practice and to support the heritage workforce. Icon's Policy Advisory Panel, which advises on Icon’s policy papers, felt that the directions did not sufficiently cover HLF’s potential to support these areas.

DCMS addressed many of the points Icon raised and even revised two of the directions more or less according to Icon’s suggestions, namely:

#6. From “Support volunteers to encourage volunteering activity in heritage” to “Support and build the capacity of the full breadth of the heritage workforce, from volunteers to professionals, to ensure that heritage is conserved with the appropriate skills.”

#7. From “Encourage innovation and excellence and help people to develop their skills” to “Drive innovation and excellence through encouraging good practice and the achievement of demonstrable high standards.”

Icon’s response was written with considerable input from the Policy Advisory Panel, demonstrating how by putting our heads together we can help shape government policy!

For more on Icon's Policy and Advocacy, visit our Policy Hub.


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