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Introducing Icon's new Complaints Procedure

This announcement brings into effect Icon’s new Complaints Procedure

The new Complaints Procedure was adopted by Icon's Board of Trustees on 22nd June 2016. The procedure is intended for the resolution of any complaint about a Member of the Institute.

Complaints will not be considered under the procedure if they relate to non-members, the Institute’s employees or employment practices outside the scope of the Institute’s Code of Conduct.

The standards expected of a Member of the Institute are set out in the Institute’s Code of Conduct, which should be read in conjunction with the Institute’s Professional Standards. The Complaints Procedure has also been drafted in line with Icon's Articles & Memorandum of Association.

The first draft was drawn up by Clare Meredith ACR based on previous work by Icon Trustee David Leigh ACR, and a review of best practice. Trustees refined the procedure further. A final draft was sent to a legal firm for review. This review was undertaken by a team of specialist lawyers at Withers LLP. The feedback from the legal team was taken on board and incorporated in a new draft which was approved by the Icon Board of Trustees on 22nd June 2016.

Key features of the new Complaints Procedure are:

  • Intended for the resolution of any complaint about a Member of the Institute.
  • An emphasis on alternative dispute resolution and remedial rather than punitive measures.
  • Clear separation of powers of an Investigation Committee, a Conduct Committee and an Appeal Committee, with each committee chaired by a different lay person.
  • A Conduct Register of at least 10 ACRs that will serve as a pool from which members of the committees can be drawn. The composition of the Register is published here.
  • A legal advisor to support the work of the committees and to advise on conflicts of interest.
  • A clear time frame for the process.
  • Specific restrictive measures (sanctions).

The Board of Trustees has approved the appointment of 20 Accredited Members to the Conduct Register. Their names are published here in accordance with the procedure.

The Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those Icon members who have contributed to the development of the new Procedure, with particular thanks to David Leigh for his review and Clare Meredith for her first draft. The Trustees also wish to thank those members and non-members who have taken part in previous panels. All of these contributions have been invaluable in helping to ensure that the new procedure is fit for purpose.

For more information about Icon’s Complaints Procedure, Icon’s Code of Conduct and Professional Standards, please visit our new public-facing web page, What it means to be an Icon Member.

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