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It's National Maintenance week!

Icon is taking part in #NationalMaintenanceWeek (20-27 November) to raise awareness of the importance of good housekeeping and the value of caring for objects and collections. We hope you’ll join in too! 

National maintenance week is an annual campaign organised by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. It encourages the public to take simple steps that can make a huge difference to the condition, lifespan and energy efficiency of a building they care for. 

The week closes with #NationalGuttersDay on Friday 27 November - a light-hearted reminder to check rainwater goods after trees have dropped their leaves and before winter sets in. The week includes a number of free maintenance events, which are all taking place online this year. 

Icon fully supports the messages promoted by National Maintenance Week. Time and effort spent on caring for items and fixing issues as they arise is inevitably cheaper than having to put right much more extensive damage to objects and collections later.

Furthermore, conservation extends the lives of objects and encourages us to care for our possessions, inspiring sustainable lifestyles. That's why Icon continues to advocate for the case of routine care and good housekeeping as one of the most cost-effective and responsible ways that we can care for our cultural heritage and treasured possessions. 

How do I take part? 

Participating is easy!

Simply take to social media and share photos, stories and videos about caring for objects and buildings during the week. Remind your audiences that there are a number of ways that they can look after their family heirlooms, collectables and household items too. Make sure to tag us @Conservators_UK and SPAB @spab1877 so your posts can be shared! 

Icon will be sharing some of its Caring and Conservation of...series to provide tips on how to maintain a safe environment for a variety of objects as well as advice on when to consult a conservator.

Tap into the energy of the conservation sector. Join Icon to connect with your interests and find all the latest news, events and opportunities in one place!


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