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Members share their CPD plans (part 2)

Icon members are continuing to share their plans of what they are doing during this time to support their continuing professional development. Sharing ideas and talking to others about your own CPD is so valuable, helping you reflect on what it is that you want to achieve, and to help spark new ideas. 

Recently we've heard forom members who are developing practical skills, taking time out to catch up on research and getting to grips with new technology for work (and for work drinks!).

Please do also take a couple of minutes to tell us what plans are as well! 

Linda Ramsay ACR

Trying not to be overwhelmed by plethora of good CPD opportunities. A key focus for me is to become more familiar and competent on social media As a community of professionals we are very well networked we should feel buoyed and up and supported by this and use it to our advantage.

Aiming to keep study focussed and directed to relevant topics to the team I work with and collections we care for. Need to consider this to be a long game and hopefully there will be positives in the future.

Jasmina Vučković ACR

Well, the clay suppliers are still delivering so I ordered some with a plan to hone my modelling skills.I have joined an online drawing class. I’m enjoying learning about Microsoft Teams and all the potential for teaching and learning via this platform. Delivering presentations from your room is a good place to start if you have a fear of public speaking! And reading books and articles I’ve never had the time for, many of which are freely available on Google Scholar.

Julia Nagle ACR

As a team, we now use technology such as Zoom for meetings and Houseparty for drinks!

One of us is applying for professional accreditation. We have been researching contemporary artists' theories, techniques, and materials, taking advantage of online information, and compiling quick reference documents that are stored on a shared drive.

One of our team is improving her English by investigating egg tempera retouching theory and practice. We have new polarising and fluorescence microscopes and are setting those up for cross-section and pigment analysis. This, with research into costume, will underpin our restoration of a badly damaged 18th-century portrait. Identifying original pigments and layering will inform egg tempera retouching of large losses, and enable us to collate and put into practice what we have all learned individually during lockdown. 

Vicen Carrio ACR

I am catching up on reading scientific papers and watching videos from museums and institutions that have online free conferences (Society Vertebrate Palaeontology, ARCS Resources and News, Canadian Conservation Institute or GCI amongst others)

Victoria Stevens ACR

Caroline Adams's WhatsApp palaeography course: it's absolutely brilliant. So many people ask me 'what does it say?' and I always feel a bit lame when I have to reply that I don't know. Saying it's the materiality that matters to me often doesn't cut it, I can tell by their pitying looks. The course has great resources and support from Caroline, and it is really great to work remotely as a group. See for details - there is another course coming up!


To find out more about CPD and to find useful documents to help you plan your CPD, please visit the CPD section of the website. 

Do remember we're also here to help at any time. If you have any questions or things to talk about, just drop an email to



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