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Nominations open for Plowden Medal

Have you, or someone you know, made a significant contribution to the advancement of conservation? Then nominate them for this distinguished award.

Founded in 1999, the medal commemorates the work of leading conservator and Royal Warrant holder Hon. Anna Plowden CBE, who was President-elect of the RWHA at the time of her death in 1997.

The award covers all aspects of conservation be they practical, theoretical or managerial – and is open to those working in private practice or institutions. In 2017, the award was given to Professor Sharon Cather, a pioneer in preventive conservation, for her extraordinary contribution to the conservation of wall paintings and the conservation of historic buildings in general.

Previous winners include Icon members Dr Jonathan Ashley-Smith ACR (2000), Dr David Leigh ACR (2002), Clare Meredith ACR (2003), Christopher Clarkson (2004), Carole Milner (2005), Vincent Daniels (2007), David Pinniger (2008), Professor Nicholas Pickwoad (2009), Kate Colleran ACR (2011), Jonathan Betts MBE (2013), Nancy Bell ACR and Sarah Staniforth ACR (2015) and  Ksynia Marko ACR (2016).

How to submit

Submit the nomination form by Wednesday 28th February 2018.

For more information, visit the Royal Warrants website.


Image credit: The Courtauld Institute of Art


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