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Scotland Publishes Guide to Impacts of Climate Change on Heritage

Historic Environment Scotland has published a new guide to help Scotland’s heritage sites adapt to the impacts of climate change. Icon Scotland Group attended the launch of the Guide to Climate Change Impacts at Glasgow’s City Chambers on 8 October.


The guide was produced by Historic Environment Scotland’s ‘Our Place in Time’ Climate Change Working Group, which was established in 2017 to coordinate action across the sector. The new tool aims to raise awareness of the risks and hazards of climate change and their physical impact on the historic environment throughout Scotland. The information presented seeks to equip people and communities with knowledge to develop and implement adaptation measures to enhance resilience to climate change.

The historic environment is divided into seven distinct components or “elements” that include Collections and Internal Fabric. A range of hazards and suggested adaptation measures are presented for each element in Impact Tables. Hazards identified for collections include fluctuating and higher internal humidity and temperature levels and increased rainfall, flooding and fire risk.

The document is the first of its kind and is the product of collaboration and consultation with partners from across the historic environment sector and beyond, including heritage and tourist bodies, universities and climate change specialists. Icon’s contribution to the guide was acknowledged at the product’s launch.

The guide intends to serve as a starting point for further discussion and dialogue that will inform an updated edition anticipated within a couple of years. It follows the publication of the Scottish Government’s second statutory five-year programme for adapting to climate change. You can read Icon’s response to the public consultation that informed the plan here.


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