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The October issue Journal of the Institute of Conservation is out now!

A new issue of our Journal of the Institute of Conservation is shortly to land on member doorstops – and there is quite a bit to look forward to in this issue!

The issue kicks off with an article by Robert Lazarus Lane, exploring the cross-cultural fieldwork in the discipline of conservation.  He highlights how different regimes of care coming from one region or another in the world are examples of ‘situated practices’, with each formed and effected by particular historic and present day forces, whether from western science or, as implicit here, indigenous cosmotechnics.

Following this, Joanna Kosek and Caroline Barry investigate the condition of iron gall ink drawings. In this article, concerns around the deterioration of iron gall ink are very much situated in the collections of western drawings at the British Museum and here presented in a pilot study for a comprehensive and easy-to-use collection-survey tool.

Rushdya Rabee Ali Hassan presents a new method of gap filling for degraded historic leather and its application to two leather book bindings from the fourteenth century belonging to the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo - developing a new strategy after extensive experimentation.

To close the issue, in Isobel Griffin and Anna O’Regan present a methodology for the removal of area bonded fibre laminates from paper-based objects at the National Library of Scotland, and detail the results of their experiments. They sought to find the optimal method to remove laminates of ABF that in the 1970s and 80s had been extensively applied to maps, printed books and manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland and were now proving deleterious to the collection.

All in all, a bumper issue. Icon members can expect in the mail soon, but if you can't wait you can now find it online here!


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