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Tru Vue Blog: ICOM-CC Textiles Workinp Interim Meeting 2019 in Riggisberg, Switzerlandg Grou

Constanze Zimmer ACR is a Senior Textile Conservator at Textile Conservation Ltd in Bristol. Constanze was awarded a Tru Vue grant to attend “ICOM-CC Textiles Working Group Interim Meeting” which took place in Riggisberg, Switzerland in June 2019. 


This international conference, attended by about 130 delegates from Europe, Asia and America, brought the conservation sector together to present several paper and discuss topics like dress and fashion in social lives and exhibiting costume and fashion with different challenges involved. Alongside the talks, several posters were displayed.  

Constanze Zimmer gave some insight into rather different costumes, worn by the English artist Andrew Logan at the “Alternative Miss World”, of which a few are on display in the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture in Wales. The costumes represent Andrew Logan as half male and half female with many of the female halves designed by the fashion designer Zandra Rhodes. The paper presented the collaboration with the conservator, the museum and the artist and the practical and ethical issues how to treat and conserve those modern items, that were not originally created for the long term. Challenges arose of conserving the first costume (worn at the first popular “Alternative Miss World” in 1975) which is made from different materials as well as the decisions that involve the authenticity of stains and damage. The paper illustrated the diversity of objects conservators have to deal with and the challenge in finding suitable solutions with an open mind but still remembering our ethics. 

Constanze Zimmer working on one of Andrew Logans costumes, worn in 1975 at the ‘Alternative Miss World’

The work on this divers costume was a big challenge for Constanze. People can settle easily in their approaches after several years being in the job as a conservator. New challenges change that and further research on modern costumes and materials will lead to a publication in the future.


The latest round of Tru Vue funding is now open to applicants, please visit the Icon Grants pages for further information. 

All images: Constanze Zimmer ACR 


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