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Who values conservation education? Have your say!

The closure of the Camberwell MA - particularly as this isn’t the first such closure or course under threat in the sector - has rightly raised concerns from many within the conservation profession as to how resilient conservation education really is to these shifts in priorities, funding and the wider changes impacting on the education landscape.

As the professional body for conservators this is clearly a matter of great concern to us and to our members and so we’ve been thinking about how to tackle the issue. As a first step we’re looking to investigate this topic in January at a roundtable event, being run in partnership with Icon’s Higher Education Network. The event will bring together key stakeholders to consider who values conservation education and how we ensure that high quality educational opportunities are maintained and made accessible to a broad range of students.  Through the debate we will consider:  

  • What are the current issues?
  • What do we want from conservation education?
  • What needs to happen to support conservation education?
  • How can the sector work collaboratively to get what we need?

Whilst space is limited at the event itself, it’s vital that we capture ideas and comments from a range of perspectives. As such we’re calling on our members to share their views, questions and ideas to help us shape the debate.  

In the weeks leading up to the event we’ll also be putting the issues raised by members out online week by week so that we can start the debate and you can all actively take part in the discussions. 

Please share your views by clicking through to the survey. 


The views expressed in these comments are the views of the individual and do not reflect the views of The Institute of Conservation. Any comments containing inappropriate language or copyright material will be removed.

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