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Yes, it's a survey. But it's THE survey.

Help us make a change (and WIN a one-year membership of Icon!)


Wondering how much things have changed since the above figures were collected in 2012-13? So are we!

In 2020, Icon will undertake labour market research to uncover the state of the UK conservation workforce.

We want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sector’s composition and current challenges and opportunities facing the labour market. We will investigate things like demographics, skills, qualifications, salaries and benefits. The result will be a new labour market intelligence report, free for all members and stakeholders to use.

However, we know we can’t do this alone. We need your input by participating in Icon’s labour market intelligence survey in January 2020.

How can you help?

We need people representing an employer organisation or operating as a self-employed person or freelancer in the conservation sector. If you are an employee, please feel free to forward this invite to your employer (for example, HR department).

The survey will ask for quantitative data (and some qualitative insight) about your organisation’s workforce. You may need to find data or information in order to complete the questions, but you will be able to come back to the survey multiple times if you wish.

We expect the survey and collection of information to take around 1 hour to complete.

The deadline for completed surveys will be early February 2020.

What’s in it for you?

Good LMI helps develop a skilled workforce with the right mix of skills in response to labour market needs, in a way that promotes job quality and lifelong learning. This supports employability, economic prosperity, social mobility and inclusion. It helps individuals, employers and training providers make informed decisions about their careers, businesses and offers.

Have a look at out our LMI factsheets to find out more about how you and your organisation benefit from robust and up-to-date LMI. They are free to download, and we encourage you to use them to tell people in your organisation why LMI is important!

       LMI Matters for individuals

       LMI Matters for employers

       LMI Matters for training providers

Ok, but really what’s in it for you?

The chance to win a one-year membership for someone in your organisation! The winner will be chosen at random from those employers who participate in the survey.

Sign me up!

Email Icon Policy and Communications Manager Anni at:

We’ll let you know in January whether you have been selected to participate.

Why are we doing it this way?

Without getting too technical, because of the relatively small size of the conservation sector we want to build a purposeful sample. This means creating a sample that is representative of the conservation population as a whole, with respondents who are engaged and committed to answering. If we asked everyone to participate in the survey, we could end up with a disproportionate response from a particular constituent part of the population, potentially skewing our results.

What’s this about a toolkit I hear?

We will be carrying out the research using our new labour market intelligence toolkit.

Throughout 2019, we have been working in partnership with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and Historic England in developing a toolkit that will enable the heritage sector to undertake LMI research on a regular basis and in a cost-effective manner. The project was funded by Historic England.

We are delighted to announce the toolkit is now complete and will be published in January on the Historic England website. The toolkit will be free for all to use.


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