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Your new Icon Accreditation logo!

At the end of 2019 we asked Accredited members to vote on the new logo and post nominal for Icon Accredited members. We had a great response (thank you so much!).

The results are in and we're pleased to announce that the post nominal for will continue as ACR and the new logo will be:


This logo will help you be recognised as an accredited Icon member by your employers, commissioners and clients alike so please take every opportunity to use it to promote yourself as far and wide as possible.

You can access the logo and guidance here.

Why did the logo change?

The old logo had been in use since 2000, when accreditation was launched and owned by NCCR – National Council for Conservation - Restoration until 2005, when Icon was formed. Between 2005 and 2016 Accreditation was operated in association with two other professional bodies and the logo continued to be used until 2019, when the review of Accreditation indicated the need to improve the marketing of accreditation.

As 2020 marks the 20th anniversary year of professional accreditation for conservators - as well as the launch of the new Conservation Register- we believed that updating the branding and visual representation of accreditation, as well as associating it with the Icon logo was an important step in our aim to market accredited conservators as extensively as possible.

How did the votes break down?

There was an incredible response to the survey sent out to Accredited members, with nearly 500 members completing the survey within a week.  For the new logo, the vast majority of members opted for Option 1, 92%! The vote for the post nominal was closer, however ultimately 60% of votes cast went for ACR to remain as the post nominal. 

Logo Votes


Post Nominal Votes



To find out more about Accreditation, how to become Accredited and the value of Accreditaiton please click here. 


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