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Promoting Groups and Conservation

"What's in it for me?"

Icon’s Groups are the lifeblood of the organisation – and the reason for its existence.  Icon emerged from the fragmented landscape of smaller specialist conservation bodies in 2005, with the express purpose of unifying the sector and increasing clout with our shared voice.

In this, we need your help to keep the profile as high as possible.  Our impact is stronger when we all work together, and on this basis we have built outlets with a strong following of interested people across the heritage sector and beyond.

Help us to keep the visibility high! When you share your successes, news stories, policy insights, and the energy and time you put into each, it gives us the raw material we need to promote conservation to the widest possible audience – pushing public awareness of what conservators do, and why it’s so important.

Some of the ways you can do this:

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Contribute to Icon’s Policy Work

Icon members possess a wealth of expertise, experience and information relating to heritage. Their first-hand experience of conservation and the profession gives them an edge in evaluating how policy developments can impact the sector.

Icon has consequently set up a forum through which to consult its members on key issues; our Policy Advisory Panel enables members to contribute to the development of Icon’s messages to decisionmakers and to influence policies affecting conservation. Find out more information here.

Contribute an Impact Case Study

Contribute to Icon’s policy and advocacy efforts by demonstrating the impact of your events and activities!

Impact case studies are uploaded to the Icon website here and play a leading role in showcasing the result of our efforts.

  1. What was the goal we set out to achieve?
  2. What did we do?
  3. What was the outcome?
  4. What did we learn?
  5. What will we do next?

The impact case studies should be 500 -600 words in total and should include images. The text should be lively and engaging and the aim is to demonstrate impact, not just report what happened. Ideally, the stories should feature people rather than being overly abstract. The audience will be members, the public and potential funders.

Contribute to Icon News

Icon News covers all aspects of the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage across the UK. Each issue contains news, features, updates from the Groups, practical advice and listings of upcoming events, awards and scholarships.

To contribute news or a feature to Icon News, email editor Lynette Gill at to discuss your ideas.

What can be submitted?

  • Articles on recent initiatives, special treatments or interesting projects
  • Group Updates
  • Reviews of recent conferences and other events
  • Book reviews

Find out more about writing for Icon here.

Contribute to Icon's website

The Icon website is an ever-evolving platform with all systems tailored to meet our members’ needs: from a public news section to a dedicated events calendar, we’re always looking to promote all relevant content in conservation, give shout outs to our members’ achievements and overall, advocate and extend the influence of the profession.

We're always looking for interesting content and stories such as the ones collected here. If you think you've got something worth talking about, we want to hear it! Email with your ideas.

Contribute to Icon's social media

If you have ideas for social media campaigns or iniatives that would be right for Icon's 'main' channels, simply liaise with our Digital Media Officer.

Icon's communications team tries to keep a close eye on Group social media output to retweet and raise the volume where we can - but sometimes can't stay on top of the full range of output! To ensure the comms team can clock your Tweet and push it out to a wider audience via our main channel, @Conservators_uk, just give us a tag!

Of course, you might find yourself tweeting on behalf of your Group or Network as well! For full details on how to do this and the things you need to consider, check out Icon's Social Media Policy and Social Media Guidelines.

Join Icon's online community

We’ve launched a new online community to allow our members to connect in a way they've never done before. Join us on Discord - our member-to-member discussion platform.

Discord is a free communication platform that allows users to chat in custom channels by text, video or voice. The Icon Online Community will be a place for Icon members to congregate, socialise, reach out to each other and to share resources and tools.

Find out more and join the community here (member-only page)


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