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Coronavirus Historic Buildings and Sites

Although many conservators work on objects and collections in museums, libraries and archives, many also work on historic buildings and large structures. Architectural and archaeological conservators often work on site. We therefore recognise that our members may have concerns about how the process of reopening sites after lockdown will affect them.

Icon's advice is to follow the Government advice that applies in whatever country you are working in. The UK Government on 31 July 2020 updated its guidance on Working safely during Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Construction and other outdoor work. The guidance specifically encourages employers to consider any advice that has been produced for particular sectors by trade associations or trades unions, for example. With this in mind, Icon endorses Prospect's guidelines on UK site working. Although these guidelines were written for archaeological contractors, the advice is beneficial to all those working on site.

To support our members we have collated the following guidance on caring for historic buildings during the Coronavirus pandemic and on returning to work safely.

We are keen that members share their examples of good practice, which we will publish on this page.

Caring for buildings

Church of England:

Bats in Churches:


Safe working guidance

Following the government's latest updates to their guidance on getting back to work, some conservators may be preparing a return to work. As we begin to emerge from lockdown, several challenges need to be tackled in order to ensure that conservators and others can work safely on site. 

Summaries of safe working guidance and resources collated by other organisations


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