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Group Branding and Marketing

Embrace the Icon brand

Like all major organisations, Icon’s brand is the key to our recognition across the sector and beyond.  It sets us apart from the competition, and ensures that people who come across it can readily associate Icon with our core values.

The visual identity was developed in 2005 to reflect brand positioning designed to summarise the ‘spirit of Icon’ and was established after extensive internal and external research and consultation. With this brand, Icon has built a substantial profile and credibility in the sector since our inception in 2005. For this reason it is vital to ensure all our activities use consistent branding to make sure our messages can be received with the credibility they deserve.

Below you'll find resources on:

Branding guidelines

Detailed information about Icon's branding and the use of logos, fonts and colour schemes can be found in the Visual Identity Guidelines but the key points are:

  • Never redraw, crop or modify the Icon logo. Always use one of the approved versions in the suite.
  • Icon’s brand typeface is Avenir, or Arial if Avenir is not available.
  • Icon’s key brand colours are Icon Scarlet (R196 G105 B73) and Icon Red (R166 G40 B41). Codes for supporting colours can be found in the Visual Identity Guidelines.
  • If you need a document produced on Icon stationery, please liaise with the membership team. Please do not try to create a version of Icon stationery yourself, as having differnt versions of Icon letterhead in circulation could potentially undermine the authenticity of all Icon documents.

Icon logos

If you need something from Icon's suite of logos, please liaise with the membership team.

Group and Network bages for social media

If you need a copy of one of the Icon Group or Network logos, please liaise with the membership team.

Groups and Networks may also make use of the standard 'About us' PowerPoint presentation.