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Icon Policy and Advocacy

Icon is an ambitious advocacy body and thought leader for cultural heritage conservation.


  • We research the cultural heritage conservation sector and wider political landscape to identify opportunities and challenges and to deliver insight to stakeholders.
  • We do this by monitoring policy developments, analysing the ever-evolving stakeholder landscape and building the evidence base of our sector.
  • We have seized opportunities to raise conservation on government agendas and turned international demand for our sector’s skills into a formal partnership.


  • We engage widely with the cultural heritage sector to pool resources for maximum benefit and to ensure conservation is included within wider discussions.
  • We do this by drawing on the expertise of our members, collaborating with partners on shared initiatives and developing and managing partnerships.
  • We have unlocked funding for new collaborative projects and our messages have been highlighted within unified responses informing top-level decision making.


  • We influence decision makers, opinion formers and the public to ensure cultural heritage conservation is widely valued, understood and supported.
  • We do this by responding to parliamentary business, sharing high quality briefings and promoting positive messages on a content-rich website.
  • We have helped decision makers recognize the impact of policy changes on cultural heritage and to develop new solutions and convinced others to join our efforts.

We employ this expertise and experience to realise our vision for cultural heritage to be valued and accessible and for its future to be enhanced and safeguarded by excellence in conservation.

The benefits of our advocacy and policy transcend our organisation. Allied professionals, sector bodies and businesses, private owners, volunteers, academics and members of the public stand to benefit from the positive change we engender of cultural heritage being better understood, appreciated and cared for.


Sound too good to be true? Take a look at our case studies, which evidence some of our recent successes and outline how you may have benefitted.

Image c. Jennifer Marchant