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Support for Group Events

Events are the lifeblood of Icon's Groups and Networks!

The provision of high quality, affordable and accessible training for conservators is a key strategic activity for Icon, and Icon Groups and Networks and Icon’s Professional Development Team regularly organise training events to support the professional development of Icon members and non-members alike. Of course, 'first dibs' on discounted registration for these events is a significant Icon membership benefit.

Here you can find some guidance on what you need to do to organise and deliver events for Icon members:

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How to plan an Icon Event

Planning an event can be made easy if you visualise all that needs to be done as a series of stages - outlined in detail in Icon's Training Events Handbook.

Firstly, consider the purpose of your event. What are your objectives, and who is the target audience for this? Do you have any evidence to indicate how likely your target audience will be to engage with your event?

Secondly, consider your objectives in relation to Icon's Professional Standards. What Professional Standards are reinforced by the event? This will help to underscore how attending the event will benefit your target audience - and encourage them to book.

Icon's event brief template will help you plan the event outline and identify the actions required from here, but prior to this it's a good idea to review upcoming Icon events on the website. If there are similar events in the pipeline already, you'll be fighting to attract the same people - not ideal!

Also make sure your intended dates to not conflict with any other events that might already be up and running - and have attracted the same people you'll be inviting to attend your event at the same time.


How to promote an Icon Event

There are a number of key steps to follow to ensure that word of your event reaches the widest possible audience:

Firstly, prepare a short blurb in Word format, with a link to the Eventbrite registration page and select an image to accompany this.

Secondly, liaise with your Group or Network’s web officer to post the event on the Icon website. This will ensure its picked up by Icon’s external promotions machine – appearing in the events listing of the monthly Iconnect and External Newsletter, and Icon’s corporate social media feeds.

Following this, liaise with the Membership Officer to dispatch an Iconnect to Icon members – who should always be the first to know it’s in the pipeline!

Depending on the event, you might also wish to alert other external outlets where relevant, particularly if you have specific outreach objectives in mind.  Be sure to always link back to the Icon event listing to ensure we lead new audiences to the website wherever we possibly can.


Sending an Iconnect

Iconnects can be dispatched to all Icon members subscribing to a particular Group, or to the membership at large.

Prepare a brief writeup of your event in 'Word' format:

  • Date, Place, Time
  • Cost
  • Brief description/outline
  • Link to Eventbrite registration portal

Once you've got all that down, select an eye-catching image (one you've got the rights to use!) and send to Icon's Membership Officer.

Icon's Membership Officer will convert your Word document and image into a nicely-designed e-bulletin, and send it back to you for your approval.

Please bear in mind the Iconnect Policy, which was introduced to manage the flow of e-bulletins to members – ensuring we avoid an avalanche of news some days and nothing the next! This also helps to ensure your Iconnect will be seen rather than ignored by its recipients.

The Membership Officer will liaise with you over any timing issues that might be considered to make sure your message gets through to the widest audience intended - for example, if there are already too many Iconnects in the queue that day!


How to access Icon's webinar platform

Icon's Groups and Networks benefit from access to a webinar platform which is free to use for all Group and Network events. To gain access, liaise with the Membership Officer.


Postprints Guidelines

There is often substantial demand for postprints, particularly after larger conferences and symposium - and these can often provide a worthwhile legacy for such events that can help funders to recognise the value of support for the event, either for individual delegates or as an opportunity for sponsorship.

The postprints section of the Icon website was designed as a permanent home for Group postprints, which could be uploaded in a consistent look and style.

If you're considering the provision of postprints after your event, advance planning is critical - so have a word with Icon's Digital Content Officer at at the earliest opportunity to talk through your idea and discuss timescales.


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