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Icon recognises and encourages the use of and participation in social media as a key communication tool for remaining active, aware and fully engaged with both our prospective and current members, as well as non-specialist supporters. We want to encourage and empower our staff and members to make effective and appropriate use of social media by providing the right tools and advice to participate in and enhance our positive social media presence.

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How to edit Group webpages

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How to set up a Group social media channel

Social media is defined as any online or digital interactive communication tool or channel which encourages participation and exchange, the digital landscape is changing rapidly and information is becoming increasingly more public, permanent and open to comment.

While we are open to giving Icon’s groups and networks the ability to open and run their own social media accounts, our approach is to offer our support and representation via our official accounts first and foremost. As Icon’s digital presence grows year on year, we are in an optimal position to ensure all member communications reach a wide and varied audience, with the clout afforded through years of building on our brand.

Icon has developed a Social Media Policy to set out the ways in which Icon-branded social media activities can be implemented across Groups and Networks. 

For full details on the best way to do this, review Icon's full Social Media Guidelines.


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