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Internship vacancies 

Icon Internships are advertised and promoted throughout the year in response to specific vacancies, so if there are not any positions available do check back regularly. 



IIP2003:  Internship in Preventive Conservation  
Funded through the generous support of The Pilgrim Trust and The Radcliffe Trust

1-year Internship starting November 2020 (possibility of 1-year extension dependent on funding)
2.5 days per week
Location: Strawberry Hill House and Garden
Educational Stipend: £8,500
Supervisor: Jennifer Dinsmore ACR

The Strawberry Hill Trust, in partnership with Icon, and with the generous support of The Pilgrim Trust and The Radcliffe Trust is offering a Preventative Conservation internship on site at the House within the Operations Department

Role description: Click here >>
Application form: Click here >>

Closing date: 9am on 30th September 2020


Make sure you review the guidance before applying for any vacancy. 

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Top Tips for Applicants

Icon Internships are always popular which can make shortlisting a very tough process. We've collated several top tips below to help you stand out from the crowd!

Tailor your application: Do this carefully for the placement you are applying for. Keep your application specific and to the point, avoid generalisations about the attractions of history and heritage. Please also consider that if you are applying for several different vacancies – even if they’re not at the same time that you do have to address the specific specialisms. If you find yourself applying for vacancies in stone as well as textiles you do need to convince us that you really want the specific vacancy rather than just any internship.

Don’t copy and paste: This is very easy to spot, generally the comments don’t answer the questions which are being asked and often the there is a big different in the formatting. This could come across as not hvaing put effort into your application - even if you have!

Don't overuse bullet point lists: Bullet points can be very useful when making a short point or highlighting specific areas, however if you write all of your responses in bullet points you don’t give yourself the opportunity to explain why the point is relevant.

Pay attention to word limits: Word limits are there for a reason, and they are as much for the applicant to focus down what they are writing as they are to help those reading applicaitons. Writing concisely is an art, but if you give yourself plenty of time to prepare it, take the time to think the application through fully and to focus on the points the question is asking you, then this really is possble. 

Don't forget to include a message when sending your application: This is the first impression that your host will have of you, do make sure it is polite and professional.