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Professional Accreditation

Accredited Conservator-Restorer (ACR) status demonstrates that a practitioner is a fully qualified and capable professional

The Professional Accreditation of Conservator-Restorers (PACR) is a professional qualification, administered by Icon. Achieving PACR demonstrates that a conservator shows a high degree of competence, sound judgement and an in-depth knowledge of the principles which underpin conservation practice.

The PACR Accreditation process, or framework, helps assess a conservator’s professional practice. It is applicable regardless of the route a potential ACR has taken in their career, their specialism or the context in which they practice. It is a key part of Continuing Professional Development. 

The PACR framework has three components:


  • An assessment process for accrediting professional capability against explicit standards  
  • A system for ensuring maintenance and enhancement of professional capability through Continuing Professional Development
  • A means of removing Accredited status from practitioners who fail to maintain a minimum standard of practice and ethics 

Employing an ACR

Accredited Conservators can be identified by the initials ACR after their name and the PACR Logo. 

Only Icon Associate Members can become Accredited. Application forms, guidance and examples can all be found in the members' area.

PACR Framework

Application Process

PACR Pathway

PACR Framework

Icon Professional Standards

The Professional Accreditation of Conservator-Restorers (PACR) is a rigorous peer assessment process which is underpinned by Icon's Professional Standards in conservation. 

To apply for Accreditation, a conservator must meet the five professional conservation-restoration Standards:

  1. Assessment of cultural heritage
    Assessing and reporting on condition, environment and threats; assessing risks; identifying any problems to be solved
  2. Conservation options and strategies
    Identifying and evaluating options; negotiating courses of action for conservation measures
  3. Conservation measures
    Advising on, developing policy for and implementing conservation measures; ensuring high standards are maintained; planning to minimise the effects of disasters and emergencies; maintaining conservation records; advising on aftercare
  4. Organisation and management
    Managing projects and workflow; client/internal and external relations; health and safety; security; records and reports; communication
  5. Professional development
    Maintaining up-to-date practice; extending and communicating knowledge; promoting conservation and the care of cultural heritage

Application Process

1. Preparation

  1. Join the Institute of Conservation – applicants must be an Icon Member to apply for ACR status
  2. Join the PACR Pathway

    3. Attend PACR Clinic 

Recommended reading: 


2. Application

  1. Submit Stage 1 application
    The Register of Intent must be completed and emailed to by the appropriate ROI deadline. 
  2. Prepare Stage 2 application
    Complete your Application - this process details how your work and abilities meet the Icon Professional Standards. Submit to Icon.
  3. Accreditation Committee
    The Committee considers your application and will assign you an assessor.

3. Assessment

  1. Assessment Visit
    Two assessors will take part in a one-day professional discussion of your work
  2. Accreditation Committee
    The assessors will compile a report of their visit which is then reviewed by the Accreditation Committee
  3. ACR status confirmed


A non-refundable registration fee of £250 is paid when submitting your completed Stage 1 application form.

An application fee of £550 is paid when submitting your completed Stage 2 application form. If you do not proceed to assessment, this amount will be refunded.

Total application and assessment fee: £800.


Grants to help cover the PACR application fee are available from:

•    The Glaziers Trust for stained glass conservators

•    Icon Scotland Group. Applicants must be Icon Members, members of Icon Scotland Group and should be living and working in Scotland.

PACR Pathway

The Pathway

Wherever you are in your career, it is never too soon to start working towards Accreditation

The average timeframe for a conservator to apply for PACR is five years after initial conservation training or after approximately eight years of work-based training. 

The PACR Pathway provides ongoing support towards a PACR application. Through the Pathway you will be able to work with a mentor who will support you in ensuring you are able to meet the Professional Standards and put you in good stead to achieve ACR status. 

If you are not a Member you can register to be on the Pathway when you join Icon. Existing Members should contact